A team that works well together is clearly more productive and efficient compared to one that struggles to maintain significant relationships with one another. 

A good team bonding art activity can encourage communication and strengthen bonds in a natural and effective way.

Art Pazionate offers engaging corporate art workshops that:

  • Induce creativity
  • Encourage communication
  • Forge stronger bonds
  • Increase understanding towards one another

Here’s our array of team bonding art activities in Singapore:


Every member plays an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of the company and no one is really insignificant. This workshop allows everyone to piece their ideas together and come up with something not just beautiful but also meaningful.

Participants will go through a guided process of brainstorming before piecing their canvases together to sketch, paint and finally forming a complete painting.

Sometimes art-making do not require you knowing how to draw. This workshop is perfect if you have no prior experience in art.

Participants work with palette knife to create paint strokes in specific direction to form regular and repeated pattern like a rhythm.

Corporate Art workshop

Work can sometimes get hectic and stressful so if you are looking for something that is therapeutic, this could be an ideal workshop for you and your team.

Participants will learn the basics of watercolor painting and creatively put together their very own floral wreath. Consider writing an encouraging quote in the middle of the wreath for yourself to live by every day!

Creating art can help relieve some stress and make you feel refreshed. If you love nature and architecture, this workshop is great for you.

Participants will learn about 2-point perspective and create their own imaginary landscape with pencil and pen ink. After which, they will paint it with watercolor paints.

Art Team building

Bonds can be built when doing something in common together. More than just building relationship, our Totebag painting workshop allows you to carry a piece of art and memory everywhere you go.

Participants will get to paint abstract designs on their totebags using fabric paints as well as stencils.


Corporate Art workshop

Our Paper Quilling corporate art workshops encourage everyone to get crafty and creative with papers. With just colorful strips of quilling paper, tools and creativity, participants can create their intricate 3D works of art.

You will be amazed at how creative everyone can be! Let us know if you have a theme in mind and we can customize it according to your needs.

Have something else in mind? Speak to us about it today!