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Art isn’t boring – Fun Art Classes for Kids

By: Nika Tay Hui Min

What’s art without some fun? At Artpazionate, we take fun very seriously. If you thought art was just some plain old sit-down activity that makes scribbles with pencils and paintbrushes – well, think again! Our unique art classes for kids are here to show you that “Art isn’t boring!”

Here at Artpazionate, we pride ourselves in teaching and doing art (quite frankly) out-of-the-box. One of the ways we inject creativity and life into our lessons is to go beyond the usual ‘brush-and-canvas’ format, and push the boundaries of what art should look like.

First, let us introduce some of the exciting things we offer in our art classes.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paint is an incredibly versatile and beginner-friendly medium. In fact, acrylic paints are so versatile they can be used on a wide range of surfaces – from wood, glass to canvas – which makes it so fun for your kids to explore a variety of painting techniques. The fast-drying paint also makes it easy for children to work and play with.

Due to its’ relatively thicker consistency, Acrylic paint gives children the flexibility to experiment beyond the usual paintbrushes. Allowing them to get creative in utilizing their fingers, hands, and even sponges to create different textures as well as strokes for a truly special and vibrant piece of artwork!

What makes acrylic painting such a great medium? It offers many ‘types’ of paintings!

Our art classes for kids will be sure to broaden your child’s learning as we dive into various modern and innovative art styles! For all our mini ‘Pablo Picassos’; this art style (pictured below), also known as Cubism, was invented around 1907-08. It will inspire your child to reimagine their world using geometric shapes!

Air-dry Clay making

Clay is another wonderful medium that serves as a great introduction to 3-dimensional (3D) art. Its soft yet malleable texture makes it fun while stimulating and engaging your child’s creativity through touch. They can pinch, mold, roll, flatten, stretch, decorate, build and make their very own 3D artwork from scratch!

Check out the special “World in the Box” where our young artists recreated their imaginary world with clay and paint! At Artpazionate, we are always encouraging our students to explore art in unique ways while nurturing their boldness to create and imagine.

Paper Crafts and Collages

While art is traditionally associated with paintings, paper is another resourceful and adaptable material. From collage-making to origami, the possibilities with paper are endless! And our art classes for kids do just that – we open your child’s mind and imagination to new possibilities through art!

What’s more, paper-medium artworks are great for developing your child’s fine-motor skills and awareness of color! While also being an incredibly accessible and affordable material – so really, what’s not to love!

Interested in signing your kids up for our art classes? Head on over to our weekly art classes for more information or simply register here for a trial today!


Will Technology Full Replace Art

Art is changing due to the presence of technology. It seems like Art cannot survive alone without technology being weaved in now. Technology has offered novel avenues for expression such as social media. Artists, these days, can use services such as crowdfunding, where they can raise money online to kick-start their ideas.

The Internet has allowed for the rehashing, editing and manipulation of content especially with the new form of technologies. It is the norm to create new things online, now and the trend of sharing them with the rest of the world is foreseeable.

Technology has transformed traditional art into digital art. It takes away the tools, paintbrushes and blank piece of canvas which in actual fact enhances creativity and the space for artistic expression. The traditional process of creating art is intrinsic in a sense where artists work with raw materials from the purest form to create a piece of original artwork. Now, with the rise of digital technology, this raw aspect is no longer emphasised and the traditional workings of art is diminishing. Take, for instance, Photoshop specialists are one of the most common digital artists which take photography to the next level. With the help of different applications, a photo can be readjusted and edited to the preferred style of the digital artist. Technology has also reduced the time taken in executing the real artwork. From this, we know that technology can provide a quicker or more instant completion of art but it takes away the joy, patience and physical touches of finishing up painting. In simple words, with digital art, the essence of the human touch is gone.

With this in mind, it is essential to know that real art comes from within the soul. It gives new meaning to life and allows us to express ourselves freely in a more creative manner. It is the point of inspiration for raw talent to express their individualism.

As a child, it is the best time to enrich themselves with skills through artistic development. It can help them interpret their life experiences while building their artistic creativity. It also incorporates many values in children. Children can develop their thinking capacities, plan and organise better. Art can also provide children with opportunities for language and communication skills as well. Furthermore, art is essential for children to develop their gross and fine motor skills. The art classes for kids in Singapore at Art Pazionate will provide you with countless opportunities to enhance your child’s gross and fine motor skills.

At Art Pazionate, we offer the best art classes for kids in Singapore to develop their creative thinking skills. On top of that, there are art lessons for adults available at Art Pazionate as well. Art can help to alleviate stress, boost confidence and improve the quality of life by enhancing the immune system. When immersed in Art, adults will be able to improve levels of concentration which overall heightens mental clarity. It does not get better than this! If you want to enjoy the many benefits of Art, enrol in our art lessons for adults.

Additionally, Art can foster the minds of children to think in innovative ways and make their own decisions when they create their artwork. Art can give them opportunities to experiment around, take risks and make mistakes. They can gain skills by making pure art through drawing and painting, also known as process-oriented art. For example, a plain sketchbook and crayons can stimulate a sense of openness where children can think beyond their comfort zones.

Traditional art has many countless benefits, especially with is apparent effects on children from such a young age as early as 20 months old. With this in mind, presumably, it cannot be replaced by technology.

Quickly enrol in our art classes for kids in Singapore at Art Pazionate now! If you are an adult and looking to enhance your creativity and artistic side, our art lessons for adults can do just that for you


2 Key Skills Your Child Can Learn Through Art


The growing years of a child are crucial to their future development. In Singapore, there is a strong emphasis placed on education. All books and no play will stifle a child’s creativity, this is especially true as they grow up into an adult. Childhood only comes once and it is important to treasure this short amount of time to give them something memorable to look back on as an adult.

Creative art programs help to grow a child cognitively, emotionally and socially. When children are free to express their perspective openly on a blank sheet of paper, they allow their imagination to run and a new world comes alive. Your child will be exposed to different textures, materials and consistencies during children’s art classes.

What is the purpose of art classes for kids?

Art aims to provide kids with a form of individual expression. The art classes place an emphasis on the process over the end product. Art Pazionate believes in the beauty of living in the moment, in enjoying the experience. It is important for the kids to create beautiful and fun memories with their fellow classmates as they explore the different aspects of art.

Also, kids have a natural curiosity for everything and possess the urge to touch and feel things that are new to them. Through the art classes, kids can have different hands-on experiences such as holding a pencil to draw outlines and shade, touching wet paint and feeling the contrast between fresh, sticky glue and the matte finish of dried glue.

Below are two key skills that children can learn through art.


Creativity cannot be taught, it can only be induced. Children are naturally creative, but when they blossom into young adults, they gradually lose their creativity due to their surrounding environment.

It is commonplace for mainstream schools to box up the options available to students. “There is only one right answer and the rest are wrong” – a prevalent mindset imprinted on impressionable youths. Undoubtedly, this is fair practice when it comes to examinations.

However, this academic excellence does not directly translate into good work performance once the children of yesterday, enter the workforce as adults today. Many on-the-job processes are not rigidly framed, unlike their academic counterparts. More often than not, the workplace demands results and the road to achieving that result is determined by the individual in charge of the task.

However, the ability to think out-of-the-box is overlooked in schools. It takes an abstract mind to look beyond the surface and come up with innovative ideas that bring about change and growth. A creative outlook might also be the key to new business ideas and the crux to securing the next big contract or appointment.

Art classes allow children to develop that soft skill – creativity. Children who partake in art activities in their younger days have the chance to hone and strengthen their competence in abstract evaluation and innovation. As art is a free-flowing expression, there is no right or wrong to any art piece since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Children can learn to bring their imagination to life in art classes. Through this, it will help them bring out their creativity and take a breather from the heavy demands of schoolwork. By attending art classes, it is also a form of relaxation and playtime for your child, preventing burn-out.


As mentioned above, art has no boundaries and the artist is free to express their thoughts and ideas. When there is no defined right or wrong answer, it takes the stress away from the end result. The teachers at Art Pazionate will guide your child every step of the way. Children are not pressured into drawing the “perfect” portrait or animal at the end of each lesson. In fact, they can take their time to draw or paint their imaginary pet or monster with as much detail as they like.

This freedom allows children to pursue their interests from a young age. They do not have to conform to a fixed set of rules. When there are no grading criteria set in stone, children will not be “penalized”, this helps the budding artist to build confidence in his work and view his artwork with pride.

During the art classes, the teachers will slowly incorporate advanced drawing methods into the art program. This blend of freedom with the right mentorship will allow your child to draw better as the art lessons progress.

When a child has self-confidence, he or she will not be as easily affected by naysayers or negative influence that might come their way in their development process. It is important for children to find and cultivate an interest from young so they can grow holistically.

Art is a form of self-expression. Finding the right avenue to express themselves from a young age is crucial to keeping kids grounded. Art lessons help to lay the foundation to a happy childhood where creativity flourishes and confidence is instilled. Enroll your child with Art Pazionate today!