Create wonderful memories through children’s art parties

Parties are some of the most wonderful events for kids where they get to celebrate their special day with good friends over delicious finger food and fun activities. It is the time for kids to let loose and thoroughly enjoy themselves. To make these parties even more memorable, we have some of the best art party activities for kids to gather their creativity and make unique art and crafts together.


Art Pazionate offers an array of engaging and interactive workshops for children’s art parties where children can freely express themselves through art. Our workshops are fully customized to cater to any party theme. Speak to us today if you are looking for an art-some one!

Our wide selections of Art Party workshop include:

  • Small Canvas Painting
  • Calligraphy Art
  • Tote Bag Stenciling/Painting
  • Air-dry Clay Making
  • Paper Quilling Art

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