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Popular art camps in Nov-Dec 2020

By: Nika Tay Hui Min

School holidays are around the corner! Thinking of creative ways to entertain and engage your child? Fret not! Artpazionate is back with our most popular art camps, jam-packed with activities that will be sure to keep your child occupied, teeming with excitement and loads of smiles! 😊

Art is more than a one-dimensional paper and paint. This time, we are pushing all the boundaries with our unique, fun-filled programs using an array of textures and mixed media art that invigorates and wows their senses. From the sensorial touch of clay modelling, plushie toys, to 3D dreamy unicorns and mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark landscapes – there is never a dull moment with us!

In this current digital age, one of the foremost concerns of any parent is the uphill battle in fighting against the ‘tech-addict’ syndrome. Scientific studies have shown that prolonged, excessive usage of mobile devices can cause harmful side-effects including decreased attention-span and concentration, short-temperedness and even sleep disorders.

Pokemon Camp

Rather than allowing your child to mindlessly scroll through social media apps, playing from one Tiktok video to the next mobile game, why not channel their time and energy into meaningful artistic endeavors. What better way than to make their all-time favorite Pokémon characters into tote-bags, plushies, figurines and create one-of-a-kind artworks they can display and carry around.   

Many studies have shown that art promotes creativity and stimulates sensorial co-ordination while empowering your child to learn new skills and unleash their inner artist! #Ichooseart

Pop Art Camp

What about a selfie? Or pumpkins? If this sounds like something up your alley, come join us our 2-day pop art camp! Re-create the iconic yet instagrammable Yayoi Kusama’s polka-dotted pumpkin. And go back in time to paint your very own colorful, retro-esque and eye-catching ‘selfie’ but on a canvas – no filters necessary!

Parent-Child Bonding Camp

There’s no better way to deepen your parent-child relationship than to have a jamming good time with art. Our parent-child bonding camp is the perfect activity to do so. This session is intentionally designed to create an environment where open communication, respecting and valuing each other’s opinions, and encouraging teamwork by working towards a common goal can flourish. As you and your child work hand-in-hand (literally) to accomplish an artwork, this will be the golden opportunity to build your child’s confidence while also broadening your perspective to see your child in a different light.

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