It all started with a passion..

Founded in 2015, Art Pazionate was born out of Joanne Beh’s passion to provide a more holistic approach to art education through experiential art classes for kids, teens and adults. We are passionate in helping students to develop their artistic abilities and creative thinking skills in our various art programs.

Art Pazionate studio is situated along River Valley road right in the heart of Singapore. Our cozy classroom environment stimulates creativity where all ages are given the liberty to express themselves through art.

We specially curate our art programs to help students find their individual expression and develop their ability to create and think creatively. Through close guidance by our passionate art teachers, students are able to learn relevant techniques and incorporate them into their individual styles.

Our fun kids’ class setting encourages kids to be imaginative and bold in their expressions and creative thinking. Kids are taught to be responsible, independent and confident in expressing their ideas. Kids learnt to embrace their uniqueness and take pride in their creations. Our kids programs cater to the younger age group (4.5-6 years) as well as the older age group (7-12 years). 

We provide a relaxing environment for teens and adults to break away from their stressful work and find themselves in art creation. Our programs are created to help students who are keen to learn art but have no prior experience as well as students who are looking to improve their skills. Our art courses are fully customized to students’ artistic abilities.

Art Pazionate also offers bespoke programs and workshops for schools and companies


Operating Hours

Wed – Fri : 11 – 6pm
Saturday : 10 – 6.30pm
Sunday : 2.30 – 6.30pm
(Closed on Public Holidays)


428 River Valley Road
#02-07 Singapore 248327