Holiday Art Camp 2022

Schools may be out for kids but fun learning continues! Art Pazionate’s Holiday art camp Singapore is one of our most popular programs where kids can bring their creative imagination to life. Most than just fun and excitement, we offer an in depth learning of art topics and skills in our art workshops for kids.

Creative & Engaging Learning

Children can expect to be engaged in meaningful discussions as well as various visual inspirations conducted by our professional art teachers.

Our holiday art camps are specially curated to be relevant and suitable for savvy kids of all ages from beginners to budding artists. Select from our array of art workshops for kids that comprises of both painting and craft-making. Seats are limited so sign up today!

Sign up for any 2 art camps @ $100!

kids art camps

Pokemon Clay-making + Totebag painting

Make your favourite Pokemon using air-dry clay and also paint it on totebag!
Date & Time: (select either one)
  • 1 June @ 10 – 1pm
  • 16 June @ 2 – 5pm
Fees: $57

Giraffe in Starry Night

Paint Giraffe and Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night using watercolor paints!
Date & Time: (select either one)
  • 2 June @ 2 – 5pm
  • 15 June @ 10 – 1pm
Fees: $55
holiday kids art camp
Glowing art jam

Glow-in-dark Owl

Paint a glowing Owl using acrylic paint and glow-in-dark paint on canvas!
Date & Time: (select either one)
  • 8 June @ 10 – 1pm
  • 23 June @ 2 – 5pm
Fees: $55

Flower Field in Palette Knife

Paint flower field using palette knife and acrylic paints on canvas!
Date & Time: (select either one)
  • 9 June @ 2 – 5pm
  • 22 June @ 10 – 1pm
Fees: $55
holiday art camp

Ad-hoc Art programs

Other than Holiday art camps, Art Pazionate offers Ad-hoc art programs that cater to kids who are seeking to indulge themselves in art creation from time to time. Immerse your child in art today!


Wednesday 10 – 1pm

Thursday 2 – 5pm

Friday 10 – 1pm

Tree + Animal Illusion

Intrigue by this illusion? Kids will be inspired by the art of optical illusion and learn to paint a stunning one themselves. Whether it is a land or sea animals, they will surely discover endless possibilities and joy of creating their favorite one on canvas!

Materials provided: Canvas, Acrylic paints and painting tools

Fees: $55


Subject to seats availability
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