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What makes Watercolor painting truly beautiful

By: Nika Tay Hui Min

Beautiful. Mesmerizing. Ethereal

These are some of the words that come to mind when we look at watercolor paintings from scenic landscapes, human portraits, flowers, calligraphy to just about anything. Watercolor possesses such a beautiful allure that can pull anyone in. Artist Linda Daly Baker writes, “Watercolor for me is all about the transparency and glow that you can achieve with this media that is not possible with other forms of art.”

As it remains one of the most accessible and versatile art forms that can offer rich, vivid to soft and soothing tones. In recent years, its’ popularity has been rising through and through. With a basic set of palette, materials, and proper techniques, anyone can turn a plain piece of paper into a beautiful artwork!

Characteristics of Watercolor painting


For one, the beauty of watercolor truly lies in its luminosity and transparency not found in other art forms. When mixed with water, this gives the water-soluble pigments or palette its’ transparent yet pastel-like properties. And when painted, it allows the whiteness of the paper to shine through both complementing and enhancing the luminosity and ‘glowing’ properties of the painting.

Liberal Paint Strokes

Another unique characteristic of watercolor paintings is the sense of free flowing-ness and feel to it. As the brush deftly touches the paper this is where as the painter – although it is possible to control where and what the paint does on paper – should allow the paint to flow by itself. Often, it is in this freeness and openness where creativity comes to life; where at times a painting ‘mistake’ can turn into a beautiful mess! So, fear not! Be open, be free during any watercolor painting session, allowing the paint to take its course and enjoy the process. You may just end up with an artwork filled with unexpected surprises! 

Painting with watercolor paints is a beautiful and mesmerizing way to creatively express and bring your feelings, emotions and artistic vision onto a piece of paper. It embodies so much beauty, expression and ethereal qualities with it. We have put together the types of watercolor brushes and techniques to help get you started!

So why not give it a try and see the beauty of the world and of nature through watercolor paintings! If you’re reading this article and would like to experience the unique qualities of watercolor, browse through our workshop catalogue and sign up for our watercolor painting class.

Throughout our classes, you will learn various watercolor techniques that will allow you to bring home a beautiful, dreamy piece of artwork to decorate your homes or work desks. At ArtPazionate, there’s always a little something to look forward to!

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