Does learning Art benefit you?

Someone recently asked me if learning Art brings any benefits. So I thought it will be interesting to share some of these benefits here. Besides the common beliefs, that learning Art “…helps you to draw and paint better”, “…is a fun activity”, “…a nice hobby”, it also brings other mental, physical and health benefits too.

Improves Observation skills

During Art lessons, students are encouraged to observe the objects or subjects before sketching them out. Students will first do their sketches in 2D shapes before refining them into the actual form. The more they observe the more detailed sketches they can make. Art gives an avenue for students to practice and to hone their observations skills through close-looking.

Scientifically proven in an experiment(link) led by psychological scientist Matthijs Baas (in University of Amsterdam Researchers) showed that strong observation skills were linked to greater creativity, originality, and flexible thinking.

Creative Thinking

Art encourages you to think creatively and come up with your own interpretations and creations. It allows you to think out-of-the-box and explore other possibilities. In my art classes, I always encourage kids not to limit themselves to the conventional way of thinking giving them liberty in creative expressions to make their own decisions and choices in their art creations.

Creative thinking is a crucial skill needed in this rapidly advancing world. It is a skill that technology cannot replace. Art is definitely one of the platforms to develop your creative thinking skill.

Fine-tune Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skill is the ability to coordinate the smaller hand muscles with the eyes. A young student of mine, around 6 years old, dislikes writing and working on hands-on activities. As a result, her fine motor skills lag behind her peers of the same age. Fortunately, she has considerable interest and enjoys working on the art projects. This skill gets increasingly refined as students practice working with their hands while observing.

In Art Pazionate, students get the opportunity to cut, paste, draw, color and paint that allows the fine-tuning of their fine motor and co-ordination skills while enjoying the process of creating art.

Relieves Stress

When you are focusing on creating an artwork, you will naturally stop thinking about your problems. In fact, this aids to relieve your stressful mind for a period of time. Indeed, this is very true for both me and my students. As an adult or even a child, life is met with constant problems and challenges. The constant worry to solve problems and come up with solutions can make everyone bogged down and tired with life. At times, being worried about these problems creates even more frustration that turns into unconquerable mountains. How does Art help? Art creates a temporary gateway for adults and children to relieve and take a breather from their stressful and demanding lives. Creating art gives your brain a well-deserved break from worries and to channel your stress in creative ways.

Just as Pablo Picasso said – “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Come and Experience the joy of creating art and enjoy its benefits by enrolling into our Kids and Adults art courses today!

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