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Kids Workshops

Kids Workshops

Pokemon Clay-making Workshop

Kids art workshops

In this 2-days Pokemon making workshop, kids will master the techniques of shaping air-dry clay into their favorite Pokemon figurines. They will explore color mixing with various colored clays to get their desired shades of colors. On top of that, kids will learn to get the right body proportion of their Pokemon. At the end of these workshops, kids are able to bring home their very own set of Pokemon in display boxes! So come and make ’em all!

SMS or Whatsapp Joanne @ 81009215 to find out more.

Kids Workshops

Stay Creative during the School Holidays

The school holidays can seem like a good time to allow your children relax and laze away the days till the following term begins. Playing on the iPad, watching TV and spending time hunched over a computer for two weeks straight may seem like paradise to your kid but will get old and boring really quick. A good way to make use of the time off is fill it with fun, light-hearted activities that encourage creativity and social interaction. Enter Art Pazionate’s Art summer camp. Give your kids a break from the mundane routine of late-morning slumbers and cartoon marathons, instead immerse them into the world of art in the various enriching program we have to offer. There’s a class that will pique all children’s interest.

Fan Art Camps

The biggest fuel inspiration and creativity is falling in love with a make-belief universe or celebrity. This is substantiated by all the amazing fan-art scattered across the internet. Give your child the gift of revelling in a universe they love and perfecting the skill of emulating those characters on paper.

Star wars:

If your child left the last Star Wars movie with their mouth wide open and the need to own all the Star Wars merchandise, then they’ll love the class. Equipped with four canvases, a spectrum of acrylic paints and the wonderful teachers at Art Pazionate, the force will definitely be with them as they learn to paint four of their favourite characters.

Avengers Charcoal Drawing:

This is all call to all Avengers fans, your time has come. Spend the morning learning how to create the very Avengers’ character you adore. We’ll teach you the art of creating realistic figures with charcoal, all you need to bring is your enthusiasm. With the recent release of End Game there is a surplus of Avengers fans waiting to channel their creativity, so be sure to sign up quickly before Thanos clicks his fingers and the spots disappears.

Toy Story:

Toy Story is the corner-stone of many children’s life. In this class we’ll teach you how to bring your favourite characters to life, just like the movies. You’ll learn how to master the art of watercolours, infusing the paper with the same sense of magic each of the Toy Story Characters hold. Paint them in your favourite room setting, it could even be your bedroom!

Paw Patrol/Dog Painting Art Camp:

Even if your child doesn’t watch Paw Patrol, if they love dogs they are probably always on a Paw Patrol to pat every dog in their near-by radius. This camp for dog lovers and Paw Patrol fans will allow them to channel their love for the wet-nosed creatures and learn the techniques of working with acrylics to create the texture of fur. They’ll have the choice of painting a normal dog and bestowing their dogs with the duty attire of a Paw Patrol officer.

While staying relaxing at home may be fun, we guarantee your child will have a lot more fun channelling their love for their favourite franchise or animal. Art is a therapeutic and fun medium that will leave your child buzzing with creativity and joy. So don’t hesitate to book them in for one of our art camps right now!

Kids Workshops


The school holidays are here!

This is the perfect time for children to play and have some fun, learning time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get involved in the Arts?

Children are the miracles of life and it is astounding to know that their brains develop rapidly during their younger years. The brain of a child speeds up naturally as it receives new information. Their brains are continuously active as curiosity levels spike when they are introduced to new mental skills and concepts of the world.

Apart from curiosity, their brains also open up to boundless opportunities for imaginative thinking.

Exposing a child to art can bring about countless benefits. Furthermore, children will naturally fall in love with art as it stirs the emotional and cognitive aspects of the brain. They will learn to think creatively and feel more confident of themselves.

They will also start practising problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Prolonged use of the Arts can help your child understand concepts at a deeper level benefiting them greatly as they grow older.

It is essential to be attuned with oneself and art helps to put this habit into place. Children will be able to express themselves more artistically when learning art at a young age. This also means that they will be able to express feelings without words. This just elevates the creativity ratio of a child!

Isn’t it wonderful to watch your child grow up to be artistically inclined?

Well then, it is the time to get them involved in some enriching art programs and camps in Singapore. We cordially invite you to our art programs at Art Pazionate studio, successfully led by Joanne Beh. We are dedicated to inspiring children while allowing them to make full use of their imagination. They can get the chance to think outside of the box and explore many opportunities in their artistic creations.

Read on to find out more about the children art workshops in Singapore.



Calling out to all children aged 6 to 12 years old! If you love Pokemon, this will be the best art class to attend in Singapore.

Children will be able to work with clay by simply shaping them into the Pokemon characters they truly adore. It is a simple tool-making process as they get to mould air-dry clay.

They will be guided every step of the way to create their final Pokemon masterpiece. This is an enriching holiday art workshop in Singapore, especially to learn new art and craft skills. Be sure to attend it!



The Cute Marvel Superhero Painting workshop will turn children’s favourite Marvel superhero characters into cute illustration paintings. This is an art class like no other as children get acquainted with painting in their own unique ways.

They can mix it up by painting their characters with a funny nose or a big head. It is simply thinking out of the box and having fun with imaginative thinking. This is where they can unleash their fun and creative side!



In the Paper Quilling – Plants workshop, children will get to work with paper strips to make 3D art. They will learn to roll, fold and pinch quilling strips along with tools to create intricate designs of flowers and plants.

This class will teach your child patience and determination as they meticulously work with paper to transform it into a 3D design.

Geared up for one of a kind? Children should participate in this holiday art workshop in Singapore if they want to get crafty.



In this class, children will master the fine art of palette knife painting through colour and layering techniques with both brushes and a palette knife. In case you are wondering, below is an example of a palette knife.

For those who are interested, this class will teach you how to paint beautiful sunsets. Rest assured, this palette knife painting class in Singapore will be able to teach children the right skillsets to convert their ideas into a fine piece of art on the canvas. It is unique as children will learn how to use a professional tool to paint their art pieces.

Did you know that when using a palette knife, it does not require much cleaning as compared to a brush? You can simply wipe it with a thick rag when you want to switch colours.

Here’s a tip to get you rolling with a palette knife. As you gather your paint on your palette knife, pick it up like how you would scoop peanut butter out from a jar. It’s as simple as that!



A fan of trick eye art pieces?

This class will offer you the right know-how to get viewers to look at your painting more than once. Children will specifically get to use and add in their own leaves placement with colours to create an optical illusion.

This class makes children create an art piece out of the ordinary. It is a holiday art workshop in Singapore that will leave you in awe as you discover the true image of the painting, put together just by leaves. When you discover it, the feeling is just the same as when you finish piecing a jigsaw puzzle together.

This art class in Singapore is fitting for children aged 5 to 12 years old!

For the icing on the cake, we can cater to your child’s specific learning needs and requirements in all our children’s holiday art programs.

What are you waiting for? It is time to get art-friendly now!