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Art isn’t boring – Fun Art Classes for Kids

By: Nika Tay Hui Min

What’s art without some fun? At Artpazionate, we take fun very seriously. If you thought art was just some plain old sit-down activity that makes scribbles with pencils and paintbrushes – well, think again! Our unique art classes for kids are here to show you that “Art isn’t boring!”

Here at Artpazionate, we pride ourselves in teaching and doing art (quite frankly) out-of-the-box. One of the ways we inject creativity and life into our lessons is to go beyond the usual ‘brush-and-canvas’ format, and push the boundaries of what art should look like.

First, let us introduce some of the exciting things we offer in our art classes.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paint is an incredibly versatile and beginner-friendly medium. In fact, acrylic paints are so versatile they can be used on a wide range of surfaces – from wood, glass to canvas – which makes it so fun for your kids to explore a variety of painting techniques. The fast-drying paint also makes it easy for children to work and play with.

Due to its’ relatively thicker consistency, Acrylic paint gives children the flexibility to experiment beyond the usual paintbrushes. Allowing them to get creative in utilizing their fingers, hands, and even sponges to create different textures as well as strokes for a truly special and vibrant piece of artwork!

What makes acrylic painting such a great medium? It offers many ‘types’ of paintings!

Our art classes for kids will be sure to broaden your child’s learning as we dive into various modern and innovative art styles! For all our mini ‘Pablo Picassos’; this art style (pictured below), also known as Cubism, was invented around 1907-08. It will inspire your child to reimagine their world using geometric shapes!

Air-dry Clay making

Clay is another wonderful medium that serves as a great introduction to 3-dimensional (3D) art. Its soft yet malleable texture makes it fun while stimulating and engaging your child’s creativity through touch. They can pinch, mold, roll, flatten, stretch, decorate, build and make their very own 3D artwork from scratch!

Check out the special “World in the Box” where our young artists recreated their imaginary world with clay and paint! At Artpazionate, we are always encouraging our students to explore art in unique ways while nurturing their boldness to create and imagine.

Paper Crafts and Collages

While art is traditionally associated with paintings, paper is another resourceful and adaptable material. From collage-making to origami, the possibilities with paper are endless! And our art classes for kids do just that – we open your child’s mind and imagination to new possibilities through art!

What’s more, paper-medium artworks are great for developing your child’s fine-motor skills and awareness of color! While also being an incredibly accessible and affordable material – so really, what’s not to love!

Interested in signing your kids up for our art classes? Head on over to our weekly art classes for more information or simply register here for a trial today!

Events Kids

Celebrate Earth Day through Upcycling

We strongly believe that everyone plays a part in protecting our earth and environment through the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and Upcycling. To foster this, we got the kids to create Upcycling artworks, titled Green City, using their unwanted packaging boxes.

These artworks not only look beautiful but they also function as desk organizers and storage boxes! Some of their artworks are also displayed in Twinkl’s Earth Day Virtual Gallery!

View the Virtual Gallery here.

Learn more about our weekly Art Classes for Kids here.


Crafts to do during Christmas

By: Nika Tay Hui Min

Christmas is around the corner! Looking for ways to dazzle your homes yet occupy your active little ones? Scroll down for some simple Christmas crafts you can do with your child that will be sure to bring great fun and unique decors!

A Popping Christmas

Make simple and adorable ornaments from Crafts Meet Kids this Christmas using popsicle sticks! From Santa Claus to Christmas Trees, reindeers and even snowflakes, the possibilities are endless!

Materials You Need:

  • Popsicles Sticks!
  • Color Paper (even leftover craft paper works fine)
  • Pom Poms
  • Twine / Ribbon
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • Scissors (To cut out desired shapes)

Or any other craft materials you’d like to add for that extra glitter & sparkle!

Finger and Hand Painting

In fact, art and fun can be so simple. Sometimes, all you need is a paper, paint and simply your palms or fingers to create a ‘magical’ artwork! Let your child’s inner artist shine as they paint and stamp to a jolly fun time! 😊

Paint a Christmas scene with a twist

And who says Santa Claus only dressed in red with long-white beards? Artpazionate’s little artist, who loves dinosaurs so much, painted ‘Dino’ as his Ho Ho Ho…Santa during our kids art classes!! Truly, a child’s imagination knows no bounds!

As we look to unwind and end off this rollercoaster year, let’s remember the reason for the season and immerse in the spirit of giving. Take time to cherish, appreciate your loved ones with more than just gifts but also the precious gift of time and love.

Artpazionate wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Acrylic Painting Articles

How to get started with Acrylic Painting

By: Nika Tay Hui Min

You would be surprised to find that acrylic painting is a fairly newcomer in the artworld – having just been around since the 1940s. Widely regarded as a beginner friendly medium, no less, acrylic painting continues to be a highly accessible and versatile artform favored by seasoned to professional painters alike.

Due to its’ relatively inexpensive, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean-up and forgiving medium (easier to paint over mistakes), ideal for the art enthusiast who have zero experience in their first painting class. At the same time, acrylic provides a great foundation to foray as well as develop a broad range of art techniques while giving flexibility to experiment with various techniques and even mixed media art.

1. Set aside a time and budget 

Before you start creating any artwork, it is good to know plan and think through how much time and money you are investing and setting aside for your new-found art hobby. Setting aside a time and space to allow yourself to freely create and be intentional in creating is important. And after allocating an estimated budget, let’s get down to the essentials of acrylic painting.

2. Acrylic Supplies – “Behind every masterpiece is a great set of supplies!”

Acrylic Paints

Buying paint can feel like an overwhelming task with so many colors to choose from. In general, getting a good selection of primary colors (red, blue, yellow) is a good start! Include earthy tones into your color kit white, black will be more than sufficient for your initial paints.

It’s also important to note that not all paints are made the same, craft paints though cheap comes at a trade-off in terms of quality and coverage. So, invest in quality student grade or professional grade paints.

If not, to save you the mind-boggling hassle of selecting and choosing your own paints, buy our high-quality yet affordable Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paint Set complete with 12-colors!

Paint Brushes

Similar to selecting paints, getting a varied set of paintbrushes with different tips and sizes is needed for giving your artwork an even background, good coverage to detailing work. You can also purchase our brush set perfect for both acrylic and watercolor painting.

Tip: As acrylic paint dries quickly, start off with painting large shapes first! Painting the larger shapes and outline helps you to see the bigger picture and overall artwork.

Canvas – The world is your canvas!

Here’s the good news! Acrylic paints are so versatile you can paint them on almost any surface from the usual canvas, acrylic paper and even tote bags!

3. Learn from a professional – Sign up for an art class!

Even after getting all the essentials and supplies, watching online tutorials and know-how tips, the feeling of staring at a blank canvas and not knowing where or how to start can feel frustrating, if not daunting! Then perhaps, learning from a professional and taking up our Art lessons for adults will take you one step further!

If you are someone who needs that extra helping hand to guide and empower you along your art journey or the occasional painter looking to brush up your craft and techniques, Artpazionate’s specially curated Acrylic Painting Classes will do just that.

Ultimately, art is more than just arriving at the completed product. It is in the entire process from broadening your technical knowledge, conceptualizing an image, to sketching, choosing the colors and thereafter, painting your imagination into reality. That is true art.

For more info, check out our Acrylic Painting Classes here:

Events Kids

Popular art camps in Nov-Dec 2020

By: Nika Tay Hui Min

School holidays are around the corner! Thinking of creative ways to entertain and engage your child? Fret not! Artpazionate is back with our most popular art camps, jam-packed with activities that will be sure to keep your child occupied, teeming with excitement and loads of smiles! 😊

Art is more than a one-dimensional paper and paint. This time, we are pushing all the boundaries with our unique, fun-filled programs using an array of textures and mixed media art that invigorates and wows their senses. From the sensorial touch of clay modelling, plushie toys, to 3D dreamy unicorns and mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark landscapes – there is never a dull moment with us!

In this current digital age, one of the foremost concerns of any parent is the uphill battle in fighting against the ‘tech-addict’ syndrome. Scientific studies have shown that prolonged, excessive usage of mobile devices can cause harmful side-effects including decreased attention-span and concentration, short-temperedness and even sleep disorders.

Pokemon Camp

Rather than allowing your child to mindlessly scroll through social media apps, playing from one Tiktok video to the next mobile game, why not channel their time and energy into meaningful artistic endeavors. What better way than to make their all-time favorite Pokémon characters into tote-bags, plushies, figurines and create one-of-a-kind artworks they can display and carry around.   

Many studies have shown that art promotes creativity and stimulates sensorial co-ordination while empowering your child to learn new skills and unleash their inner artist! #Ichooseart

Pop Art Camp

What about a selfie? Or pumpkins? If this sounds like something up your alley, come join us our 2-day pop art camp! Re-create the iconic yet instagrammable Yayoi Kusama’s polka-dotted pumpkin. And go back in time to paint your very own colorful, retro-esque and eye-catching ‘selfie’ but on a canvas – no filters necessary!

Parent-Child Bonding Camp

There’s no better way to deepen your parent-child relationship than to have a jamming good time with art. Our parent-child bonding camp is the perfect activity to do so. This session is intentionally designed to create an environment where open communication, respecting and valuing each other’s opinions, and encouraging teamwork by working towards a common goal can flourish. As you and your child work hand-in-hand (literally) to accomplish an artwork, this will be the golden opportunity to build your child’s confidence while also broadening your perspective to see your child in a different light.

Check out our exciting art camps here: