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Pokemon Clay-making Workshop

Kids art workshops

In this 2-days Pokemon making workshop, kids will master the techniques of shaping air-dry clay into their favorite Pokemon figurines. They will explore color mixing with various colored clays to get their desired shades of colors. On top of that, kids will learn to get the right body proportion of their Pokemon. At the end of these workshops, kids are able to bring home their very own set of Pokemon in display boxes! So come and make ’em all!

SMS or Whatsapp Joanne @ 81009215 to find out more.


New Workshop: Paper Quilling Art

Paper Quilling Art, like what the name suggests, uses paper strips to form intricate designs. They can be designs of floral, alphabets, objects and even portraits. Paper Quilling art is a popular art form practiced by many quilling artists across the countries. Some of their works are owned by several renowned individuals and private institutions.

In Art Pazionate’s Paper Quilling workshop, you will be inspired by Yulia Brodskaya (a well-known paper quilling artist) and other artists’ artworks. From inking your drawing, folding of quilling shapes to embellishing, our instructor will guide you step-by-step to create your very own Paper Quilling masterpiece! Be spoiled by an array of paper strip colors choices and glitters. You will get to work with quilling tool to shape the strips and make stunning quilling arrangement. For the final touches, add some glitters to glam up your masterpiece! The workshop is open to participants aged 13 years old and above. All materials are provided.

*Picture frame is for illustration purpose only.

Details of Workshop:

  • Date:  6 October 2018
  • Time:  4:30 – 7:00pm
  • Fee:  $55 per pax or $100 for 2 pax
  • Venue: Art Pazionate Studio (428 River Valley Road #02-07 S(248327))

Sign up today!


Top 3 Proven Health Benefits of Art for Older Adults

We lay out the hard evidence that art greatly benefits all people, all ages!

Photo by: Sarah Pflug

Art doesn’t only benefit the young.

It also benefits the young at heart! At Art Pazionate, our painting and drawing classes for adults in Singapore provide a plethora of benefits to the physical and mental health of our adult students.

However, some older adults think that they can’t participate in Art Pazionate’s art classes for teens & adults unless they are fully qualified artists creating majestic sculptures and paintings. Some even stray far away from any adult drawing & painting class in Singapore, all because they hold the false idea that they would have to work together with an art therapist in a sterile, clinical-like setting to fully reap the benefits of art.

However, we are all born with an innate desire for creative expression. In fact, there is a mounting body of substantial evidence that proves recreational art activities—from drawing classes to watercolor painting for adults in Singapore—can greatly benefit both the mental and physical health of older adults.

Read on for our top 3 proven health benefits of art for older adults!

1. Reduces Risks of Young-Onset Dementia

Singapore is home to one of the fastest-ageing populations in the Asia-Pacific region. In fact, in 2015, National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) Neuroscience Clinic (Tan Tock Seng Hospital Campus) diagnosed 179 patients with young-onset dementia—a fivefold increase from 2011.

Once regarded as a condition that affects only the elderly aged over 65, young-onset dementia among older adults is now projected to double by 2030.

However, prevention is always better than cure! You can wield paintbrushes, not weapons, to defend yourself and reduce the risks of young-onset dementia before it happens. Participating in our painting and drawing classes for adults in Singapore—from watercolor painting, canvas painting to drawing lessons—can help with creative self-expression. With no end goal in mind, simply draw out all of your mental states, emotions, thoughts, and ideas on canvas, It is a mentally stimulating activity that will keep your brain constantly engaged to help reduce the risks of young-onset dementia.

2. Improves Mental Health and Sense of Well-being

We know, we know—art classes for teens & adults can help improve your mental health and sense of well-being. While there is a ton of anecdotal evidence out there to support this, allow us to give you the hard evidence. Research has found that engaging in recreational art activities such as watercolor painting, canvas painting and drawing lessons does lower your stress levels and leave you feeling mentally clear and calm (Scott, E 2018) This results in improved mental health and sense of well-being, which increases your ability to manage both your work and familial responsibilities in healthier ways.

3. Elevates Social Awareness and Engagement

“Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is to say, darkness, light, body and
color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest.”
— Leonardo da Vinci

Regular, active engagement in our recreational painting and drawing classes for adults in Singapore will get you into “the zone” or “state of flow”. This refers to the meditative-like state in which you find yourself unconsciously pouring all your energy into even the smallest details of your watercolor painting, canvas painting and drawing. It trains you to pay more attention to the details in the environment of your drawing & painting class. In turn, through brain chemicals and neuroscience, this elevates your social awareness and engagement with the people around you. This reduces stress and increases relationship healing between you, your dependents and more!

Come and experience the healing joys of creating art by enrolling into our wide range of watercolor painting, canvas painting and drawing lessons for adults in Singapore! For more information or to register your interest in our adult art classes, please contact us today.


Art Exhibition: Modern Futuristic Singapore

Art Pazionate will be having an inaugural art exhibition ‘Modern Futuristic Singapore’ showcasing artworks done by students from all ages and countries!

The studio will be transformed into an art gallery, featuring contemporary art pieces in different mediums. Be inspired by the students’ bold styles and quirky ideas coupled with great techniques.

There will also be fun art activities for everyone! Admission is free.


• Saturday, 25 August 2018 | 10am – 6pm
• Sunday, 26 August 2018 | 3pm – 7pm

Art Pazionate studio, 428 River Valley Road #02-07 Singapore 248327

RSVP for Saturday

RSVP for Sunday


Does learning Art benefit you?

Someone recently asked me if learning Art brings any benefits. So I thought it will be interesting to share some of these benefits here. Besides the common beliefs, that learning Art “…helps you to draw and paint better”, “…is a fun activity”, “…a nice hobby”, it also brings other mental, physical and health benefits too.

Improves Observation skills

During Art lessons, students are encouraged to observe the objects or subjects before sketching them out. Students will first do their sketches in 2D shapes before refining them into the actual form. The more they observe the more detailed sketches they can make. Art gives an avenue for students to practice and to hone their observations skills through close-looking.

Scientifically proven in an experiment(link) led by psychological scientist Matthijs Baas (in University of Amsterdam Researchers) showed that strong observation skills were linked to greater creativity, originality, and flexible thinking.

Creative Thinking

Art encourages you to think creatively and come up with your own interpretations and creations. It allows you to think out-of-the-box and explore other possibilities. In my art classes, I always encourage kids not to limit themselves to the conventional way of thinking giving them liberty in creative expressions to make their own decisions and choices in their art creations.

Creative thinking is a crucial skill needed in this rapidly advancing world. It is a skill that technology cannot replace. Art is definitely one of the platforms to develop your creative thinking skill.

Fine-tune Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skill is the ability to coordinate the smaller hand muscles with the eyes. A young student of mine, around 6 years old, dislikes writing and working on hands-on activities. As a result, her fine motor skills lag behind her peers of the same age. Fortunately, she has considerable interest and enjoys working on the art projects. This skill gets increasingly refined as students practice working with their hands while observing.

In Art Pazionate, students get the opportunity to cut, paste, draw, color and paint that allows the fine-tuning of their fine motor and co-ordination skills while enjoying the process of creating art.

Relieves Stress

When you are focusing on creating an artwork, you will naturally stop thinking about your problems. In fact, this aids to relieve your stressful mind for a period of time. Indeed, this is very true for both me and my students. As an adult or even a child, life is met with constant problems and challenges. The constant worry to solve problems and come up with solutions can make everyone bogged down and tired with life. At times, being worried about these problems creates even more frustration that turns into unconquerable mountains. How does Art help? Art creates a temporary gateway for adults and children to relieve and take a breather from their stressful and demanding lives. Creating art gives your brain a well-deserved break from worries and to channel your stress in creative ways.

Just as Pablo Picasso said – “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Come and Experience the joy of creating art and enjoy its benefits by enrolling into our Kids and Adults art courses today!