3 Ways Art Enriches Your Life


Glancing at great art is a little like falling in love, our brain produces dopamine and takes you to new exhilarating heights. Art appreciation improves and enriches your life exponentially, it incites creativity and an appreciation for things the mind often wanders past. Put simply, art enriches your life in ways you could never imagine. Here are 3 ways Art does this, otherwise known as three reasons you should be incorporating art into your life through daily art classes.

Art Heals

In this day and age, where the world doesn’t seem to pause and your schedule is relentless it can be easy to neglect the time needed to heal. Giving yourself the time to heal from a traumatic experience or a stressful period is essential to advance in personal growth and wellness.  Art is therapeutic in nature and visual expression has been a medium for healing throughout the centuries. Art therapy hands you the key to unlocking your true self through the creative use of materials to expressing your subconscious thoughts. Talent is not an element in art therapy, it is in fact irrelevant; the principle of art therapy is to foster your subconscious thoughts, subsequently resulting in a soothing, stress-free medium of therapy.

Art and the release of Feel Good Power on the Brain

Ercole Vellone and Al informed that among stroke survivors, those with an invested interest in the arts found their health and sense of motivation improve. They had better health in general, found it much easier to walk and tend to be happier. These scientific results suggest that art has long term effects to the brain that help a person cope and recover when things go wrong.  This is further supported by Abraham Maslow’s, American Professor of Psychology, ‘Pyramid of Needs’ which confirms that art improves the quality of life through self-actualisation. In essence studies show that the release of dopamine due to art is not a short term effect, instead it acts on the mind continuously and enriches the quality of the subject’s mind.

Art is an Inspiration

The positon of Art in human kind has never been under-estimated, in fact its ability to create change and allow self-actualisation has always been acknowledged as a powerful concept. This is why in the 1920’s, the height of the Nazi’s influence, there was an explicit urge to regulate art in Germany. Art was turned into a propaganda tool, the community restricted from creating art of the free mind to circumvent a rise in morale and potential mutiny. Art was harnessed as a weapon to propagate a particular stream of belief instead. This illustrates just the power art has on a society and individuals alike, it is able to create incomprehensible feelings and improve the quality of your life.

It surprisingly easy to neglect the things that improve the quality of our lives in lieu of more important tasks. However, it’s pertinent to take the time to allow yourself the room for self-actualisation and growth. A daily art class or fortnightly art class will help you achieve this and at ArtPazionate we are passionate about helping your realise the power art can have in your life. Peruse through the classes we have to offer and settle upon one which entices you the most, we promise you won’t regret it.

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