Art Pazionate Studio

Founded in 2015, Art Pazionate was born out of Joanne Beh’s passion to provide holistic art education through experiential workshops and art classes for kids, teens and adults. Read more about us..

Art Pazionate offers creative children art classes in Singapore where kids are encouraged to think outside the box and get creative with their expression. Our curriculum is specially curated to inspire and evoke creativity in every student in our children art classes.

Schools may be out for kids but fun learning continues! Here at Art Pazionate’s Holiday art camp Singapore, this is the best place where kids can bring their creative imagination to life.

In all of Art Pazionate’s art classes for teens and adults, students get to master various techniques and at the same time be given the liberty of self-expression. We also provide portfolio preparation courses to teens who are looking to build an outstanding art portfolio.

Providing businesses or team with an Art Workshop is the perfect way to induce creativity and create a strong foundation in relationships. At Art Pazionate we offer a plethora of art workshops that can help your team or business.


Shalini, parent of Saksham

” Fantastic teacher with tremendous amount of patience! My Son started learning under her guidance and enjoys going for the art classes. Joanne is full of positivity and talent. Highly recommend “

Shalini, parent of Saksham

Constance Ho Shengting

” Nice and cosy place! We have a lot of fun with our creation and the art jamming session was definitely de-stressing and therapeutic! Will definitely visit again “

Constance Ho Shengting

Evelyn Tan

” It’s a lovely and therapeutic place to do art I enjoyed it a lot! “

Evelyn Tan

Agatha Gomes

” Joanne is an inspiring teacher and an artist in her own right. “

Agatha Gomes

Passionate in what we do

Art Pazionate has helped numerous kids and teens in developing their critical thinking and fine motor skills using our specially curated curriculum in our art lessons for teens and art classes for children in Singapore. We share the joy with our students when they see significant improvements in these areas.

Art plays a crucial role in the mental development of children. Studies have shown that regular exposure to art in the early stages of a child’s life promotes brain’s activity, building the foundation for the development of life skills.

Art classes help to develop cognitive skills

Creativity is a vital skill for innovation and problem-solving in order to excel academically in all schools and institutions. Our art lessons for kids in Singapore ignite creativity in the minds of children, ensuring that they tackle problems in a creative manner. Thinking out of the box is a coveted skill that is hard to learn, hence, encouraging this skill in the early stages of a child’s life through our art classes for children in Singapore will ensure that they approach their problems in an innovative manner.

Art promotes confidence and self-expressions

Here at Art Pazionate, students are given the liberty of self-expressions where they are not pressured to make the ‘perfect’ art or rushed to complete it. In all of our art workshops for kids and art lessons for teens, students are free to express their thoughts and ideas and incorporate them into their artworks. As there is no grading criterion, children and teens will not be ‘penalized’ and this helps these budding artists to build confidence in their artworks and view their art with pride.

We are passionate to provide your child the best guidance, resources and environment in our art lessons for kids and teens in Singapore. Our small class size ensures every child is given adequate attention and no child is ever left behind. Speak to us today to find the ideal art classes and workshops for your child!

Operating Hours

Wed – Fri : 11 – 6pm
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Sunday : 3 – 6.30pm
(Closed on Public Holidays)

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