About Us

Creating Art with Passion

We believe that:

  • It’s important to put passion in creating art and we’ll guide you to ensure that you create more successful artworks. 
  • Techniques and skills are definitely essential and relevant for the current art. 
  • We are constantly exploring and incorporating new textures, mixed media and materials into our art curriculum so that students learn to create and present art in fresh perspectives. 
  • Creativity are not taught but are caught. We’d love to see our teachings influencing students to become creative people. 

​In Art Pazionate, we provide quality art programs that enrich and rejoice the souls of many – kids, teens and adults! All ages are welcome to learn art at Art Pazionate studio located along River Valley Road. (428 River Valley Road #02-07 Singapore 248327)

Creating successful artworks might seem difficult for some, but it’s actually not when you know the techniques to do it! A step-by-step approach is put in place to help our students improve their skills and create appealing art pieces.

Students will be taught the applications of various art mediums and techniques of drawing, coloring and painting. They are also encouraged to think out of the box, interpret various topics and present art in many creative ways.

It is never too young to start or too old to learn art! Click to register now.


Wed – Fri : 11 – 6pm

Saturday : 10 – 6pm

Sunday : 3 – 6.30pm

(Close on Monday and Tuesday)


428 River Valley Road #02-07 Singapore 248327


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