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Workshops (Group/Corporate)

Paper Quilling Art

An interesting art form that uses strips of paper to create amazing pop-up designs of animals, florals and wordings! Quilling art can turn any ordinary subject into an outstanding and creatively designed art. Add intricate details to your artwork by shaping the paper strips into various quilling shapes such as Marquis, Teardrop, Curved Square and many other scrolls. The more advanced techniques will involve making 3D miniatures or sculptures out of paper strips of different thickness.

You can find Quilling Art in art galleries in Europe and in the United States and this form of art is practiced around the world. One of the most well-known quilling artists in modern times is Russian artist, Yulia Brodskaya. Her original artworks are owned by Oprah Winfrey, Ferrero, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Country Music Association and numerous private collectors.

Quilling Art ranges from simple to abstract designs. Place your designs on greeting cards, gift boxes or even frame them up as unique and sincere gifts for friends and loved ones.

Duration: 2hrs

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Art on Canvas (from your perspective)

For this session, you will be creating your unique masterpiece under a suggested theme. Eg, Happiness. You will be guided to think of 1-2 objects/subjects that express ‘Happiness’ from your perspective, and put them together creatively. Paint absolutely anything that comes to your mind!

• Participants will be guided on idea generation

• Participants will be taught on painting techniques, color mixing and layering

• Each participant can get to bring home a unique canvas masterpiece of his/her creation

Duration: 2hrs

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Corporate Collaboration / Participation in our Art Workshops