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A cozy studio space located at level 2 corner unit of Loft@Nathan building (commercial) along river valley road.


Art Pazionate provides quality art programs that enrich the soul of many art lovers! We offer art lessons for kids in Singapore to develop kids’ creativity and skills. Apart from our children art classes in Singapore, we also provide Adult art classes which allows Teens and Adults or even parents to acquire new skills and make art creation a hobby!


Adults and teens who have never tried their hands on painting or drawing now have a chance to explore their creative side. Our classes are suitable for everyone with or without experience in art. You will be able to develop your drawing and painting skills, and work with various art styles. If you are in search of a hobby, you will find expressing yourself in drawing or painting so engrossing that you forget about the time!

Bond with your friends & colleagues over our painting and craft workshops!

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Enjoy a relaxing time and paint absolutely anything!

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A child has a mind frame where everything is possible. Fantasy, universe and beyond are all exciting to be a part of where only a child can relate to. Enrolling them to our art lessons for kids in Singapore will help them embrace these possibilities and will be taught on effective ways to present them in our children art classes Singapore!

Fun and creative School Holidays Workshops are now available for booking!


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Wed – Fri : 11 – 6pm

Saturday : 10 – 6pm

Sunday : 3 – 6.30pm


(Close on Monday and Tuesday)



428 River Valley Road #02-07 Singapore 248327


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